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Additional Information:
Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10:30am to 10pm
Some Sundays, by request.

Regular massage -
30 minutes $45
45 minutes $67.50
60 minutes $90
75 minutes $112.50
90 minutes $135
120 minutes $180

Hot Stone therapy -
Please inquire via email.
Hydrotherapy - 15 minutes
Hot Tub $20

Steam Room $20

Massage delivery available - Rates Negotiable
Ask about corporate massage!

Location: Whole Health Massage and Spa is located in Alexandria, Virginia near Old Town and the beltway, Rt. 1. and Telegraph Road. It is walking distance to/from the metro at Huntington Avenue.

Contact: Phone - (703) 960-5720
Email - brenda@wholehealthmassage.com

Approach: Friendly, professional, confident and good-humored.
Client-centered and custom-suited massage therapy and Hot Stone therapy.

Philosophy: Balance is essential for harmony. Intention is key.

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Ashiatsu (Oriental Bar Therapy, Barefoot Shiatsu)
  • Neuromuscular
  • Myofascial Release
  • Healing Touch, Energy Work

  • Benefits:
    Massage can improve injury repair time, mental health and attitude, and performance at all levels. A typical massage will stretch and loosen muscles and connective tissue, improving blood and lymph flow throughout the body. This movement also help the body remove metabolic waste resulting from exercise or inactivity, and will pump oxygen and nutrients into the cells and tissues. Massage simulates the sensory receptors in skin and muscles, which bring attention to areas that have been "cut off" by chronic tension.

    Massage can also release endorphins, which the body creates to reduce pain. Through the muscular and chemical releases describes above, massage helps to unblock and balance the flow of life energy through the human system (known in various cultures as life force, c'hi, prana, ki, kundalini, hara).
      Physical Benefits:
    • Deep relaxation
    • Release of muscle tension, soreness and stiffness
    • Deeper, easier breathing
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Improved joint flexibility and range of motion
    • Reduced muscle spasms
    • Enhanced performance for athletes, musicians, and other "movers"
    • Improved blood and lymph circulation
    • Headache and eye strain relief
    • Improved injury recover; pulls, sprains, strains and swelling
    • Reduced scar tissue development
    • Skin nourishment and vitality
    • Improved spinal alignment and movement efficiency
    • Strengthened immune system
      Mental Benefits
    • Improved alertness
    • Reduced stress
    • Help in identifying stress signals and response to stress
    • Improved access to creative thinking processes
      Emotional Benefits
    • Nurturing and caring
    • Sense of well-being
    • Improved ability to express emotions
    • Enhanced self image
    • Anxiety reduction
    • Opportunity to experience the mind-body connection
    • Opportunity to experience a sense of unity and wholeness
    Compiled by:
    Potomac Massage Training Institute

    Why some people resist receiving massage: Some people don't like anything new. Fear of unknown... I have a solution: education. One step at a time. Some people have undergone abuse: physical, sexual, emotional which has affected their relationship with touch in a negative way. The issue becomes trust, and I work slowly with these people and Hot Stone therapy offers a bridge as it is the healing stones that do the touching. Energywork is also a good beginning. Trauma can be overcome. Everbody needs to be touched. The vibration of a positive and qualified therapsist who focus' on your well-being can be extremely healing in many senses of the word. Other people are concerned that they will be exposed or that the therapist will judge them. I keep my clients covered with "draping" techniques that provide you with a sense of security and warmth. And I surely won't judge you; I want to help, not hurt.

    Reminders: Drinking plenty of water helps the rate of detoxification, natural muscle waste removal, and promotes the health of all tissues. Water flushes the lactic acid which may be released during massage and cause muscle soreness. Massage is a wonderful way to benefit health and wellness especially in conjunction with eating right, sleeping well, exercise, stretching, and enjoyable living.

    The scapulas (shoulder blades), sternum (breast bone), and sacrum (lower back bone) are responsible for the manufacturing of white blood cells in the body. To stimulate these areas is to increase the productivity of the immune system since white blood cells fight infection. In massage therapy, therapists use tapotement and other percussive techniques to enhance the immunities. It is interesting that people naturally pat each other on the back to provide some comfort. Also, rocking the body causes the brain to excrete certain chemicals which aid in relaxation. In massage we use the Trager technique to gently rock the client. Very interesting how babies are rocked to sleep and people who are grieving often rock themselves instinctively.

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