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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does deep tissue hurt? No. No form of massage should hurt anyone. That would be counterproductive...but tender areas of tension or injury need to be handled with some degree of pressure which enables the deep tissue work to break up adhesions in the muscle or scar tissue. Connective tissue can over-bind the muscles to the bone which can cause nerve compression pain and result in decreased range of motion. Breathing and concentration on exhalation during the work in tender areas will help us to work together to speed up the healing process. Communication between therapist and client is essential.

What do you think about during the massage? Actually, I try not to think. Before a massage, I prepare myself mentally by clearing away my daily concerns and focusing on being present for my client. I "listen" to your body to find the blocked areas. A lot of massage therapy involves intuition and also a higher power which one must be open to, with mind quiet, in order to be most effective.

Can I talk to you during the massage? Yes, sometimes conversation is part of the relaxation process but it usually takes place at the beginning of the massage and drifts off into quiet contemplation or just feeling how one's body receives the massage, or sleep. Some clients talk the whole time. It is up to you. I am client-centered in my approach.

Can I suggest music? Of course!

Who are your clients? Over the years I have worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life. The ages of my clients have ranged from 12-90! There are so many reasons people have for seeking massage, whether it be on an ongoing basis or just here and there, for relaxation, pain management, to speed up recovery, increase performance levels, etc. I have worked with cancer patients, athletes, office workers, laborers, and a few famous people as well (all are treated equally). I work with all kinds of people helping all kinds of hurts!

Why did you become a massage therapist? After college, I worked as a counselor as I have always wanted to help people and preferred real, hands-on work; no offices, please! However, the field, for a bachelor's level person, was limited in rewards for me. I decided to go to massage school since my sister so enjoyed her school in Florida where she got her certification. I thought being a massage therapist would be a good way for me to help people, eventually work for myself, and do work that is not limiting myself to a desk and chair. It was a good choice for me. Hearing from my clients how massage has improved different aspects of their lives is a great reward. I love my work and I have come to believe in the therapeutic benefits so whole-heartedly that I will always want to continue my education in the fundamentals of bodywork and healing and do as much as possible to help myself and my client's well being.

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