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Christopher G.
Alexandria, VA
I've been seeing Brenda for many years. Her knowledge of the human muscular and nerve system is outstanding and her professionalism is unmatched! I just have to mention some bad spots, which she takes care of but then finds sore spots I didn't even know I had! I highly recommend Brenda and Whole Health Massage.

Cris P.
Washington, DC
I went to Brenda for my Sciatica. She is a gifted massage artist. Between the hot tub, steam room, and her skillful hands and feet, she walks on your back... you will leave revitalized and relaxed, and inspired to continue moving forward. A lot of back issues are due to sitting too much and not exercising. She showed me some stretches I could practice to alleviate the pain. She also made me a fresh juice from beets & apples. I want to move in :)

Brandon R.
Alexandria, VA
I don't get massages very often, maybe once every couple of years if that. She works from home which I didn't expect and the sign out front is easy to miss. I can see if you're uncomfortable about a home atmosphere for a somewhat intimate service like a massage. I think a part of me wanted that professional spa sort of atmosphere. I didn't get to see the hot tub or the steam room. I did see the review about leaves in the hot tub (which made me think: "at a professional spa you 'pay' them to put mud and leaves in your hot tub, har har") I can see how that can be off-putting if you want the clinical sterility of a professional spa. That said, her home is very welcoming, it smells nice and earthy (incense I'm guessing). She has nice, relaxing music playing in all areas of the house.

She took a care to inquire about my problem areas and daily routines as far as muscle movement, soreness, tightness, etc. which I like. We went through hot stones, and any number of techniques from walking on my balk (really great), to massaging my back while I was laying on my back. I guess the point of this review is that the whole time, every part of it I was trying to decide which was my favorite part. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. I was very relaxed and when she was working on my legs I think I almost fell asleep. Then the deep tissue stuff woke me up and it was great. Afterwords I felt like a million bucks. If anyone works in a desk all day and then spends most evenings sitting down as well, I think you should probably give her a shot, you might not even realize that you could be feeling much better than you are now.

David D.
Alexandria, VA
For a great massage visit Whole Health Massage. Being greeted at the door by Brenda I kind of sized her up thinking how is this tiny woman going to give me a deep tissue massage? I started out in the hot tub, even though it was cold outside it felt really relaxing sitting in the hot water for 15 minutes. I was then escorted to the second floor of the house for my massage. She had me lay face down and first started with the Ashiatsu massage, which if I never had experienced this type of massage I would have had a hard time adjusting to someone walking on my back. I've learned to like this style of massage. She proceeded with the deep tissue massage (more arm and hand work) which she provided a great deal of pressure to my shoulders and arms. She did some clapping and cupping on my back. After rolling over she continued with more work on my shoulders and neck. Brenda finished up with a great facial massage. I highly recommend Whole Health Massage. I look forward to returning soon.

Angie L.
St Augustine, FL
I would recommend this place to anyone who likes a good deep massage, and not one that's so weak you can sleep through. I thought it was amazing. I've never had someone walk on me, but it was great! My husband also went, for his 3rd massage ever, and this was the only one he ever liked. Brenda works for herself out of her house, and there are animals to greet you when you come in. All the better; the dogs were sweet. And i just found out from this website that she's in to animal rescue (so am I), so I'm glad to give her my support. :)

Michael H.
Rosemont, IL
This was my first time meeting Brenda for an hour massage. Her website is fantastic, I love being able to schedule my appointment online. I received immediate notification of my appointment, the date, the time, and the address and number. Brenda was very sweet and accommodating. I like the home spa setting versus a storefront like a massage envy so this was perfect. I didn't do the hot tub, just right for massage but will next time for sure. The massage was fantastic, Brenda is very intuitive and combines many different techniques. I enjoyed the hour appointment very much. It was amazing to have a real hot stone massage to start things off, not just warm rocks laid on you like you see in advertisement photos... But truly massage deep into your muscles with what felt like perfectly tempered oily rolling rocks, it was unbelievable! I cannot wait to go back!

What M.
Alexandria, VA
If you want a foo foo day spa where you are paying for the atmosphere and someone to be nice to you only in hopes of a bigger tip, go someplace else. IF you want the best therapeutic, real deal, work out the knots in your back massage; schedule an hour and half here. This is a owner-operator business if the phone goes unanswered it because Brenda is working. The online scheduling and payment options are great!

I've been tired of going to places where some waif isn't strong enough or is too afraid to dig in. I highly recommend Whole Health Massage if what you want is a professional massage therapist. Oh and no you can't get your nails done here but when Brenda is done you won't care.

Kate M.
Alexandria, VA
I was referred to Brenda some years ago. She has always given me wonderful massages. I've found it very easy to work with her. She always requests if there has been any change in my health , whether there are any parts of my body she should concertrate on, and accomodates my requests for the the type of pressure I want on parts of my body. I find Brenda not only personable, but also helpful with information on other subjects and referrals. I thought my previous therapist was the best. Brenda is better.

Kevin M.
Arlington, VA
When it comes to massages, Brenda is an absolute miracle worker, and I can't recommend her enough!

I recently moved back to the area from Texas, and taking a cross-country trip with young children is the epitome of stressful. So when I finally settled in and finished unpacking, my back and neck were ripe with tension and pain.

Brenda was able to schedule me in quickly and got right to work. She may be short, but don't underestimate her power. Within minutes she was able to find and pinpoint the trigger points along my spine, gently kneading them until they slowly released. (Yes, it was a lot like pushing on a marble just under my skin, but when she was done? That marble was 10x smaller). :)

She even found some sore pressure points along my neck that I didn't even know existed. She explained exactly what muscles they were and how they all tied together, but I have to admit, I wasn't listening. I didn't really care WHAT each section was called, so long as they were getting mashed by a skilled therapist. (So I mention it only to let you know that, yeah, she knows your inner anatomy better than the average Joe.)

The best part? When she hops up and holds onto the bars overhead, using her feet. Her precise control is amazing, and the extra pressure she's able to extend by using her leg muscles can't be overstated. If you have a sore back, spasms or tension of any kind, Brenda will be able to give you immediate and long-lasting relief. No question.

Ignore the haters on here. If you're ever in Washington and you want a unique, personalized and professional massage, don't hesitate. Give Brenda a call and set up an appointment ASAP. (Your body will thank you!)

Robert S.
Hamburg, Germany
Brenda is awesome. She knows more about the body and muscles than any practitioner I've used. She is friendly, but very serious. I recommend at least a 90 minute session. Enjoy, you'll be glad you did.

Analise S.
Alexandria, VA
I was thoroughly amazed at the services provided by Brenda at Whole Health Massage. My mother recommended her and I will continue to see her! The amenities in her home bring a massage to another level: she has you soak in a hot tub to relieve stress and get your body relaxed, provides comfortable robes and slippers to change into as you travel from room to room within her spiritually welcoming home. The massage involves several unique techniques including intermittent hot and cold stone therapy. The environment is tranquil and she allows your to choose any type of music to ensure a peaceful tone. To finish the experience, Brenda creates a salt/oil scrub to exfoliate your skin as you rest in a steam room billowing vapors hinted with eucalyptus oil. Her dedication and character are demonstrated in her skill, and tangible through petting all the sweet animals that fill her home. For me, it was the ultimate massage experience, for an even more amazing price. Brenda has a client for life in me!

Kate K.
Alexandria, VA
I've been to a lot of fancy spas for massages as well as people who worked privately and claimed to be "good". To the point, Brenda is awesome. I had a serious back injury the first time I went to Brenda, and was suffering from sciatica. Sciatica is very painful and uncomfortable, but after a trip to Brenda she worked out the right point in my leg to where I never experienced that pain again! I typically get a massage a few times a year just for health reasons for my back. The other places that I have been have either made my condition worse or just rushed through the hour with "light tapping". Brenda actually knows what she is doing and actually gives you a massage, nor does she put me in any sort of pain. (The oils she uses also smell really good.) I feel she is very passionate about what she does, and cares about her clients. I think the fact that she opens up her home for her work makes the experience more comforting.

And yes she does have dogs, and you might not be able to lick the floor...thats OK I'm open-minded and as long as Brenda gives me a great massage thats all I care about. I don't live in her house, and I'm just there to get my massage and have the opportunity to stretch and take my time after wards, which is what she offers. I used the stream room which was wonderful and a great way to end my period of relaxation. The dogs are great, and actually are rather nice to have around in my opinion. If they bother you that much...then so be it, the world is an imperfect place...you just can't please everyone.

Michaela M.
Alexandria, VA
I brought my mother to Brenda for a Mother's Day message, and wow does she take good care of you! And here's why I can't wait to go back and get one myself:

1) She has a steam room and hot tub...
2) Which she offered to let me use while my mother was getting massaged!
3) The price is extremely reasonable for all that she provides.
4) Most importantly, my mother just went on and on all weekend about how amazing of a masseuse she is! My mother has had a lot of messages over the years and enthusiasm like this is rare for her.

Tom R.
Stafford, VA
I have spent many years in constant, sometimes very severe pain, I have had as many as 16 major surgeries, not to include all the minor procedures, epidurals, nerve blocks, etc. and was facing the third surgery on my lower back - this one to be even more invasive than all the others combined.

  I decided to look into massage therapy to help prepare me for the upcoming surgery and afterwards to help in the recovery.  With a bit of trepidation, after reading a not very nice review, I contacted Brenda for a massage.  Brenda is a unique character who may not greet you at the door wearing a suit and white coat, but she works very hard to ensure her therapy sessions make a difference.  I found her easy to talk with and she was great in answering all my questions, and I had quite a few, this is important for someone who is 54 years old and unfamiliar with "alternative medicines"  and how it all works.  

Brenda went out of her way to make sure everything was ready for me, when I was scheduled to come.   

Brenda - thank you, and I look forward to returning as soon as I am able.  Thank you,  Tom

Kate S.
Alexandria, VA
I started going to Brenda when I moved to Alexandria in July 2008. I was so lucky to find her. I shattered my ankle 5 months ago and my recovery is painful. I don't know what I would do without my bi-weekly visits to Brenda. She is responsive to my pain and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. I firmly believe that Brenda has been a key part of my recovery. 

I will definitely be a loyal customer for as long as I am in the area. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a massage therapist.

Amy T.
Washington, DC
Brenda came highly recommended to me by a friend and as soon as I arrived I felt welcome and relaxed.  Brenda is extremely professional and provides an extraordinarily comforting environment in which to relax. I used her hot tub before my massage and the steam room after, which was beyond relaxing. 

The massage itself was incredible, I didn't know my body could feel so good! She used many different techniques including hot stones and barefoot massage. I have felt so great after my first massage with Brenda that I have already scheduled my next visit and am bringing a friend. 

Brenda provides an extraordinarily comfortable environment and I felt at ease during my entire visit. This is not a sterile, pretentious salon, this is a place where one can really relax and feel totally comfortable.

She is metro accessible, also, so I think that is a plus!

Brian G.
Alexandria, VA
My experience at Whole Health Massage was great.  Brenda is very welcoming and I quickly felt at ease in her relaxed yet professional environment.  I loved how she is very experienced in a variety of techniques and was happy to apply a variety of them in a single session.  I especially enjoyed the hot stones and bare foot shiatsu.

Brenda also has a sauna, hot tub, and steamroom for her customers to enjoy.  I will be sure to use them on my next visit which I have already scheduled.  Another cool thing is that Brenda has her calendar posted on google calendars making it easy to shedule a visit.    

I had a great experience and I am looking forward to my next visit.

Nate J.
Washington, DC
I found Brenda here on yelp and she lived up to the excellent reviews.  I gave my girlfriend a gift certificate for a one hour massage from Brenda and she said out of the many she has received, it was the best professional massage yet.  (she loved the warm stones, terrific touch and soothing no-talk atmosphere)

Brenda was also generous enough to offer me warm tea and full access to her steam room, and outdoor hot tub while I waited! 

If you want something corporate, there's Red Door Salon (where you'll also pay a lot more), but if a warm, homey, personal environment, with a great massage is what you seek, then Brenda's is a find.

Jeff B.
Alexandria, VA
Well this being my first time ever getting a massage from someone other than a friend/girlfriend, I had no idea what to expect.  Let's just say she put those friends out of business.  Brenda gave me the greatest massage I have ever had, and kept me relaxed the entire time.  She has a great attitude towards her job, and wants you to communicate with her to ensure you are getting everything you need.  I had some upper back pain that was killing me everyday, and although I didn't realize it until I woke up the next morning, it was gone.  You won't find the personalized service that she gives at some of the other spas, that I am sure of.  She's actually a really cool girl who is great at her job, all at a good price.  So as you could assume, yes, I'll be seeing Brenda again soon!

Tammey L.
Alexandria, VA
The most healing hands and feet on the planet. Brenda has been my massage therapist for the last 5 years and has a true healing touch. She knows all the muscles in the body and can tell where you feel stress. She has done many different techniques on me such as hot stone therapy, bare foot shiatzu,and tai massage as well as traditional deep tissue. I stand for my living and need to keep my muscles from getting to tense. I go about once a month to her and by the time I get there I'm really ready to work the tension away. I view it as preventive medicine. I always leave feeling  so much better then when I went in. She is a very zen person with a healing quality. She is also a real humanitarian and animal lover and has a few pets which are all adorable. She will work with you on your specific needs and target the areas that might be troubling you. I would highly recommend her. She helps get me through the year.

Richard E.
Alexandria, VA
Brenda at Whole Health is phenominal.  I have been going once a month for several years and have never had a less than perfect experience.  I was a collegiate athlete and continue to train five days a week.  Without Brenda's help, I seriously doubt that I could keep things up.  I do not do well communicating my trouble spots, with Brenda, I never have to... she finds them, fixes them and allows me to go about my month pain free.  I travel frequently and even though I can go to the hotel spa, I no longer do as even at a Four Seasons or a comparable Five Star Hotel I am always dissapointed.

Leslie M.
Herndon, VA
Not only is Brenda my preferred massage therapist, but she is also a master in the intuitive healing arts. Her sensitivity to my body's needs is amazingly accurate and she always applies just the right amount of pressure. There is a beautiful spiritual aspect to her work, and I enjoy the coziness of her home with all the amenities she offers, especially the hot tub and the steam room! If you've never tried barefoot shiatsu, Brenda is great with this technique and she's obviously well-trained. I'd recommend Brenda's massage therapy any day! As a matter of fact, I think I'll make an appointment NOW!

Will T.
Vienna, VA
WHOLE HEALTH MESSAGE...is simply the BEST. As a sponsored athlete for Team Polar USA I depend on my body working in top shape. I have been to many message therapists and know how hard it is to find someone who knows what they are doing. Brenda gets my vote as the BEST. She is very professional and knows what she is doing. Brenda and WHOLE HEALTH gets my vote!

Diana S.
Maumee, OH
I live with chronic back pain and decided long ago to solicit the help of holistic healthcare professionals to help me manage it, my favorite and most effective being my massage therapist. I recently moved here for work and was concerned about finding a therapist as talented as mine at home. no worries! I found Brenda through a friend and I will not go to anyone else. she is an amazingly intuitive therapist and an even nicer human being. I thoroughly enjoy the energy she brings to the treatment table as well as her knowledge of the craft. she continually educates herself in the many aspects of holistic care and is therefore very well rounded and has much to offer her clients. I feel fortunate to be one of them.

Ian R.
Arlington, VA
The first massage I ever had was at Whole Health Massage and it was terrific! I have been a regular client ever since. I once went to another massage therapist while I was away on a business trip and it was not as beneficial as Brenda's massages.

As I did not know about massage therapy, Brenda was very helpful in explaining different techniques and giving me tips about how to make the massage better (i.e. be hydrated, etc.). She genuinely wants her clients to have the best treatment and always asks me if I have any specific areas that need extra attention.

I once asked Brenda about the hot/cold stone therapy listed on her Website. She explained what it was and, during my next visit, she had taken time to prepare some stones to give me an idea about what they are like.

My visits Whole Health Massage are wonderful and people who are not familiar with massage therapy will discover that Brenda gives a great introduction!

Jessica L.
Alexandria, VA
I have received massages from Brenda for over 10 years and whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone who wants a devoted therapist who serves the client on many levels. Physically, Brenda is small in stature, but amazingly strong, giving the best massages I've had from any other therapist. Intellectually, she is constantly learning and applying new techniques and concepts from many different approaches and cultures. It's not unusual for Brenda to email me new information she's discovered that applies to my needs. Spiritually, she has the ability to open the inner flow of energy that supports better health and release of stress. Brenda is the epitome of the massage therapist who practices and lives her profession to the highest level.

Richard B.
Bethesda, MD
I have been going to a massage therapist for over 12 years, as often as four times a month and haven't been to a better therapist than Brenda. I have received massages in CO, NV, WY, NJ, PA, CA, NY, FL, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Aruba and none come close! Brenda is fantastic! I travel nearly 30 miles in the not so pretty DC traffic to get my massage from Brenda because she is worth it! I have been to to the high end spas in Las Vegas, New York and California but the care I receive from Brenda can't be beat. She is the best!

Amanda A.
Annandale, VA
For over eight years, I have had many amazing massage experiences at Whole Health Massage. Each time I have gone for a massage with Brenda it has been different and fits my particular needs on that day. The last visit I had was the most amazing. After a massage and a trip to her steam room, I left feeling like a million dollars! I have recommended Brenda and her business to many people and will continue to do so.

Leslie C.
Herndon, VA
reading the first not so good review I was a little surprised, I just joined yelp for other reasons (restaurants/club reviews) but i've been going to Brenda at WHM for about a year now and granted, massage is a very personal thing, what I like may not be for everyone. I don't want huggy kissy therapists, so "not smiling" as that review says, is great with me. a little too much warmth kinda creeps me out with a M/T. also, she has pets and they are around, so if you don't like animals--dogs and cats-- (which makes you nuts in my estimation, but nevermind) she's not for you. she doesn't play obnoxious harp cds but has the sattelite new age radio so you won't hear the same music over and over. she will walk on your back which is great if you like that, which I do, she is medium to deep in her work depending on how you like it. there is a laid back friendly no nonsense vibe there that I love. If that sounds nice to you, head on over there, I think she'll serve you perfectly. If not, perhaps the "Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon" or somesuch is more your bag...

Melanie R.
Alexandria, VA
WOW! Whole Health Massage is everything I hoped it would be and more. I thoroughly enjoyed the warm healing experience, the lovely premises and Brenda's caring touch. In over 13 years of receiving massage therapy from all over the world, this ranks as one of the best. Like most people here in DC, I have stressful job and commute. I found Brenda's business was easily accessible with plenty of parking. I appreciated the fact that Brenda took a keen interest in how I was feeling and gauged her massage on what my body needed as opposed giving me a price sheet and letting me choose - which is the standard in most spas. Brenda was personable and caring - and I'll definitely be back!

Jobany V.
Hyattsville, MD
I have been using the services of Brenda for about a year now and I can only think of positive things to say about her. I started using her services because I used to work about 10 minutes away from her and sometimes worked odd hours, but Brenda always did her best to accomodate my schedule. The session was never rushed and always exceeded my expectations. My job required me to work long hours and with a lot of standing and walking and Brenda's services gave me the relaxation I needed to go back at it.

I now have a job that is a little farther away, but I don't mind driving the extra minutes because I don't think I'd get the same treatment with other massage therapists. The only thing I always regret after my sessions is that I should have booked for a longer time because an hour flies by so quick at Whole Health Massage.

Kevin M.
Arlington, VA
Brenda's fantastic. I can't recommend her highly enough. She is a highly knowledgeable, highly skilled therapist who's done wonders for me. The whole experience is rewarding and I leave feeling great and looking forward to my next appointment!

Linda G.
Alexandria, VA
I have been receiving massage therapy from Brenda once a week for over 1 1/2 years. She is very professional and knows her profession thoroughly. I have chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and arms. She has managed to get me to a level where the pain is at least bearable now without pain medication, and I am not in constant agony. Brenda has used various types of massage therapy, including hot stones, to assist her in providing a quality massage at extremely reasonable prices. Her facility also provides a sauna and a steam room to aid in providing a relaxing experience. I have always found her to be pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend her and have recommended her to my own friends who now receive massages regularly. For a relaxing, professional experience, contact Brenda immediately to schedule an appointment.

Dan J.
Alexandria, VA
I have been seeing Brenda for only about 5 months, but in that time my quality of life has changed dramatically! I have major low back problems and I have no desire to have surgery, or continue with shots into my spine. Before I starting having massage at Whole Health I was living on heaving pain killers and not being nearly as active as would prefer. Since the massages started my pain levels have dramatically decreased!

I have seen many other professionals to try and manage the pain, Brenda's combination of many different styles of massage seems to do the trick.

Massage is like most things: there are different styles of massage for different people, but I would highly recommend Whole Health Massage for everything from back pain to just dealing with the everyday stress that builds up in your neck and shoulders from just living in the D.C. area.

Barb R.
Lothian, MD
I have been using massage therapy for over 7 years now to help with my overall well being and stress relief. I found Brenda with Whole Health massage a year ago when I moved to the area for work. After all the massages that I have received prior to my first treatment with Brenda I was astonished at the care and the overall knowledge that Brenda had with not only knowing but understanding a body. Every treatment I have received is different because Brenda is able to determine the needs of my body. Brenda does not provide a routine type massage that you normally find in over rated day spas.

I will be leaving the area next spring to go to my next job and I am very dis-hearted at leaving behind such an accomplished and caring professional. I foresee trips back to the DC area just to receive the treatment that only a caring and knowledgeable therapist can provide.

I highly recommend Whole Health Massage to anyone who truly understands and appreciates when they have come across a therapist that is not only is knowledgeable of her profession but cares about her clients and their overall well being. You may message 5 more customers today, and your business may make up to 3 public comments.

Eddie H.
Alexandria, VA
I have been getting massages from Brenda for a few years. She's treated me for neck, shoulder and lower back problems. I've always left the treatment completely satisfied. Brenda is always professional, friendly and welcoming. Her treatment, in my case, seems to last longer than other massages I've received. I highly recommend her services.

Craig M.
Lovettsville, VA
Brenda is one of the best massage therapists I have ever worked with. She is intuitive and sensitive. I had major back surgery several years back and try to see a massage therapist regularly keep it in check.

Brenda delivers such a great massage that I drive 45 miles each way (plus tolls) to get there. Somehow she manages to blend the physical work of soothing/working the muscles with a spiritual/esoteric element that is hard to get anywhere else. In my experience, massage therapists tend to be one or the other (physically oriented or holistically oriented).

Brenda manages to combine them is such a way that one feels nurtured both physically and spiritually. I will defintitely be be back!

Joshua C.
Accokeek, MD
Wow, I have been going to Brenda for 2 years now. She obviously loves what she does as she goes out of her way to change techniques each time depending on whether my legs are sore from a long week of triathlon training, a stressful week, a bout of migraines etc... She uses every part of her body as appropriate, working with her toes and feet, hands, elbows, you name it. Might take a session to get used to the process, but once you do I will guarantee you won't get a more relaxing and loosening massage. Brenda has always been courteous and friendly and compared to most masseuses in the area she is relatively cheap! Great massage, great price, don't miss out! For those of you questioning about this being a real review, you can find links to me as a triathlete on UF Trigators or by doing a google search of my name.

Rich P.
Dale City, VA
Brenda consistently delivers one of the best massages one can experience. I have been getting massages for 15+ years (once/twice a month) 2+ years with Brenda and she never disappoints She really does LOVE what she does and it shows each and every time.

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